Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Question Words

Question Words

Choose the correct answer.

   1.    __________ is your name?
A  What           B  Who             C  Where

   2.   __________ do you live?
A  When           B  Why             C  Where

   3.   __________ is your birthday?
A  How             B  When            C  What

   4.   __________ you are late today?
A  Why             B  What            C  When

   5 .   __________ many rectangle are there?
A  What           B  Who             C  How

Answers: 1. A                        2. C                 3. B                 4. A                 5. C


  1. can you add more exercise so that the students can learn more? thanks for sharing.

  2. Suitable exercise for students, keep it up!